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Founded in 1983, our mission is to celebrate and raise awareness of Ukrainian culture, as well as fundraise to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine


Please see our Annual Report, available here.

Cultural Forces of Ukraine

FROM THE UKRAINIAN FRONTLINE WITH THANKS MUSIC TOUR OF GRATITUDE TO AMERICA Our community here in Columbus Ohio was very honored to host the Cultural Forces

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United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio (UUOhio)Representing Ukrainian Organizations in Ohio for 96 Years OHIO U.S. SENATE PRIMARYTUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2024 Dear Friends and Members of the

Ukrainian Children’s Choir

Мово рідна, слово рідне,Хто вас забуває,Той у грудях не серденько,А лиш камінь має.Як ту мову мож забути,Якою училаНас всіх ненька говорити,Ненька наша мила?У тій мові ми


Learn how to make an intricately decorated egg known as Ukrainian “pysanky” – traditionally created to celebrate Easter or spring. Steeped in history and culture, discover


Every November, Ukrainians all over the world remember the Famine-Genocide we now call “Holodomor.”

ONE phone call!

You can help Ukraine with ONE phone call! Just pick up your phone and contact your US Congressional Representative today. You don’t need to be a

Tourniquets to Kremenets

Наші турнікети вже долетіли і скоро багато воїнів будуть мати їх в своїх аптечках. Нехай зберігають життя! Our tourniquets arrived and will soon find their way

Threat Intimidation Guide

Ukrainians have been targeted by hateful attacks, harassment and disinformation campaign.Please find attached a guide from FBI on how to respond when you are the target

A Narrative of Genocide

Ukraine Analysis #26 12/10/22 By Jeffrey Owens Dedicated to the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Ohio Tears welled up in Eugenia Mazurenko ‘s eyes from her seat

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Direct your pain and anger into ACTION!Скеровуйте біль і злість в ДІЮ! Виходьте сьогодні о 6 pm до Ohio State House!If you are a medic, please wear your uniforms!🔊якщо ви медик, то приходьте в білих халатах чи формі Bring POSTERS🔊приходьте з ПЛАКАТАМИ: 🔻Today, russians bombed the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine🔻Ukrainian children undergoing cancer treatment were bombed by russians today 🔻russians bomb Ukrainian children with cancer 🔻russians repeatedly bombed maternity wards in Ukraine today🔻russians fail on the battlefield; bomb children's hospital insteadA member of the UN just bombed a Ukrainian children's hospital 🔻 The NATO summit is this week.Ukraine protects NATO countries from russia🔻A member of UN just bombed Ukrainian children's hospital 🔻Do you really want to protect russian airfields after that?🔻If a missile striking a child cancer hospital is not genocide, then what is it?🔻 Stop russia, save the future 🔻 silence kills 🔻 russians deliberately kill Ukrainian children🔻 russians took away their last chance to survive🔻 they had hopes of cancer cure, russia killed them ❗️russian missiles deliberately kill Ukrainian children #closethesky ❗️russians target Ukrainian children’s hospital, while Ukraine is not allowed to strike russian oil refineries #letukrainestrikeback❗️Genocide - deliberately targeting children ... See MoreSee Less
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LET UKRAINE STRIKE BACK UNCONDITIONALLY Let Ukraine defend its women and children!This is #GENOCIDEWhile we were asleep, Ukraine was being bombed. The major Ukrainian children’s hospital Okhmatdyt was hit by a missile. The horror is unexplainable and numbing.BUT WE CAN HELP!Ukrainians are fighting with their hands tied behind their backs! Kyiv was hit with at least 3 hypersonic missiles fired from an airbase in #rostov region. An airbase beyond the currently permitted fire range. An airbase from which more death will come in the future....A total of ~40 missiles were fired by ruZZia across a number of cities in Ukraine, hitting predominantly civilian infrastructure.Please call The White House and urge the administration to:1. Empower Ukraine strike inside russia airbases and other military targets without restrictions.2. Establish a humanitarian safe zone over Western Ukraine protected by Western air defence.3. Offer Ukraine a CLEAR and IRREVOCABLE path to NATO membership during this weeks NATO summit.#LetUkraineStrikeBack #russiaIsATerroristState#standWithUkraine#AmericanCoalitionForUkraine ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear Friends of Ukraine,📢 NATO SUMMIT - JULY 9-11, 2024; WASHINGTON, DC 📢In anticipation of next week's NATO Summit, the Central and East European Coalition (CEEC) is sponsoring a webinar about the Ukrainian and Baltic perspectives of the Summit. The moderator of the discussion will be Philadelphia Inquirer journalist Trudy Rubin and the guests will be Ukrainian and Estonian parliamentarians Yegor Cherniev and Eerik-Niiles Kross, respectively. Please register on the link below to participate in a meaningful and worthwhile discussion. Tuesday, July 2, 20247pm EDTwebinar: Ukrainian and Baltic Perspectives on the NATO a REMINDER: The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) and its Washington, DC public affairs bureau – the Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS) – urge you to contact the White House and urge President Biden to support Ukraine's aspirations to join the trans-Atlantic security alliance at the upcoming 75th NATO Summit. Advocacy of this very important matter will prove to be of historical significance. HOW TO CONTACT THE WHITE HOUSE: Click to send a message to the Administration and copy and paste the sample letter below into the contact form and press send; or, Telephone the White House switchboard at (202) 456-1111 and deliver the message below. Your communication with the White House will highlight the aspirations of Ukraine to join the Alliance, as well as to denote the urgency of additional security assistance to Ukraine. SAMPLE CORRESPONDENCE:Dear President Biden:As a Ukrainian American, I am clear-eyed about the threat russia poses both to Ukraine and the trans-Atlantic community of democracies. Ukraine is single-handedly fulfilling the founding charter of NATO of peace and security by repelling russia in its unprovoked war of aggression. For years, Ukraine has enshrined in its Constitution the goal of NATO membership. And since russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Ukraine has formally applied to become a member of the defensive alliance. Mr. President, I urge you to formally support and invite Ukraine to join the Euro-Atlantic defensive alliance at the upcoming NATO 75th Summit in July 2024. It is in the national security interest of the United States and our European allies to have Ukraine as an integral member of NATO. Your support at this critical juncture is greatly appreciated. Thank you!#UkraineInNATO#UkraineNATO33#natoarmukraine#UkraineVictory#russiasponsorsterrorism#supportUkraine#ukraineadvocacy ... See MoreSee Less
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