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Sign Petitions

Stop the Red Cross. On March 24, 2022, Peter Maurer, the President of the ICRC, met with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and asked Russia for permission to open an office in Rostov-on-the-Don, Russia, to aid Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion. In other words, the donations the world has made to the Red Cross to help Ukrainians will be used to abet the forceful deportation of Ukrainians into the aggressor country destroying their cities, homes, and lives. This must be stopped. Speak out against this crime against the Ukrainian people. Sign the petition on change.org.

Try Putin for War Crimes. It is time to recognize Putin as a war criminal who must stand trial for his crimes against civilians and innocent children in Ukraine. This call to put Putin on trial is gaining momentum. Please add your signature to those of 1.5 million citizens of conscience around the world.

Attend rallies

Here are some recent rallies…

Boycott companies that refuse to observe sanctions and leave Russia

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his team of experts, research fellows, and students at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute update this list continuously to reflect new announcements from companies in as close to real time as possible. Read more here. You may not be aware that they make many consumer products that do not carry their names.

AstraZeneca 250 staff and Kaluga production facility
Asus not disclosed publicly
Auchan-Retail $3.5 billion in revenue from Russia
Ball Corporation 3 plants in Russia
Calfrac Well Services 11% of revenues from Russia
Cersanit sanitation equipment exports
Cloudflare not disclosed publicly
Credit Suisse $1 billion in net exposure to Russia
Decathlon at least 50 stores in Russia, $300MM revenue
Emerson Electric Metram subsidiary in Chelyabinsk
Emirates Airlines not disclosed publicly
Fortive not disclosed publicly
Geberit 2% of revenue from Russia
Glencore equity investments in Rosneft and others
Greif 9 plants in Russia
Gruma 9 plants in Russia, Greif Perm and Greif Vologda in Russia
ID Logistics significant Russian subsidiary
International Paper significant Russian joint venture
IPG Photonics high power laser sales in Russia
Koch Industries several business lines in Russia
Leroy Merlin $4 billion in revenue from Russia
Liebrecht & Wood commercial real estate in Russia
Manitowoc significant sales to Russia
Metro $3 billion in revenue
Polpharma investment in Akrikhin
PPG $150MM in revenue from Russia/paint facility in Lipetsk
Raiffeisen $25 billion in net exposure to Russia
Ralph Lauren at least 6 stores in Russia
Renault local workforce of 40,000 and 10% of revenues
Rockwool 4 factories and 1200 employees (suspended some new investment)
SC Johnson manufacturing facility in Chudovo and sales
Societe Generale $20 billion in net exposure to Russia and 2.8% of income
Young Living distributors in Russia
Greif, Inc. company headquarters are at 425 Winter Road, Delaware OH 43015
In 2004, the company opened a plant in Perm, Russia, to produce large steel drums

Contact your political representatives

Your political representatives, at every level, are sensitive to the voices of their constituents. You are the ones who elect them. So do not be shy to let them know what you think. Call them, send them emails, use all the social media apps you are comfortable with — but always express your support of Ukraine. Praise them when they have done something you approve of and insist on action when you think they are dragging their heels. And definitely give them a piece of your mind if they’ve done something wrong.

U.S. Senate (Ohio)
Rob Portman (R) 202-224-2315
Sherrod Brown (D) 202-224-3353

U.S. House of Representatives (Ohio)

1stSteve Chabot (R)Cincinnati202-225-2216
2ndBrad Wenstrup (R)Cincinnati202-225-3164
3rdJoyce Beatty (D)Columbus202-225-4324
4thJim Jordan (R)Urbana202-225-2676
5thRobert Latta (R)Bowling Green202-225-6405
6thBill Johnson (R)Poland202-225-5705
7thBob Gibbs (R)Ashland202-225-6265
8thWarren Davidson (R)Troy202-225-6205
9thMarcy Kaptur (D)Toledo202-225-4146
10thMichael Turner (R)Dayton202-225-6465
11thShontel M. Brown (D)Warrensville Hghts202-225-7032
12thTroy Balderson (R)Zanesville202-225-5355
13thTim Ryan (D)Howland202-225-5261
14thDavid Joyce (R)Russell Township202-225-5731
15thMike Carey (R)Columbus202-225-2015
16thAnthony Gonzales (R)Rocky River202-225-3876

Ohio Legislature

1Scott Wiggam614-466-1474rep01@ohiohouse.gov
2Marilyn John614-466-5802rep02@ohiohouse.gov
3Haraz Ghanbari614-466-8104rep03@ohiohouse.gov
4Robert Cupp614-466-9624rep04@ohiohouse.gov
5Timothy Ginter614-466-8022rep05@ohiohouse.gov
6Phillip Robinson, Jr.614-466-6041rep06@ohiohouse.gov
7Thomas Patton614-466-4895rep07@ohiohouse.gov
8Kent Smith614-466-5441rep08@ohiohouse.gov
9Janine Boyd614-466-5079rep09@ohiohouse.gov
10Terrence Upchurch614-466-7954rep10@ohiohouse.gov
11Shalya Davis614-466-1414rep11@ohiohouse.gov
12Juanita Brent614-466-1408rep12@ohiohouse.gov
13Michael Skindell614-466-5921rep13@ohiohouse.gov
14Bride Rose Sweeney614-466-3350rep14@ohiohouse.gov
15Jeffrey Crossman614-466-3485rep15@ohiohouse.gov
16Monique Smith614-466-0961rep16@ohiohouse.gov
17Adam Miller614-466-6005rep17@ohiohouse.gov
18Kristin Boggs614-466-1896rep18@ohiohouse.gov
19Mary Lightbody614-466-4847rep19@ohiohouse.gov
20Richard Brown614-466-6002rep20@ohiohouse.gov
21Beth Liston614-466-6030rep21@ohiohouse.gov
22David Leland614-466-2473rep22@ohiohouse.gov
23Laura Lanese614-466-9690rep23@ohiohouse.gov
24C. Allison Russo614-466-8012rep24@ohiohouse.gov
25Dontavius Jarrells614-466-5343rep25@ohiohouse.gov
26Latyna Humphrey614-466-8010rep26@ohiohouse.gov
27Thomas Brinkman614-644-6886rep27@ohiohouse.gov
28Jessica Miranda614-644-8120rep28@ohiohouse.gov
29Cindy Abrams614-466-9091rep29@ohiohouse.gov
30Bill Seitz614-466-8258rep30@ohiohouse.gov
31Bridig Kelly614-466-5786rep31@ohiohouse.gov
32Catherine Ingram614-466-1645rep32@ohiohouse.gov
33Sedrick Denson614-466-1308rep33@ohiohouse.gov
34Emilia Sykes614-466-3100rep34@ohiohouse.gov
35Tavia Galonski614-466-6037rep35@ohiohouse.gov
36Bob Young614-466-1790rep36@ohiohouse.gov
37Casey Weinstein614-466-1177rep37@ohiohouse.gov
39Willis Blackshear Jr614-466-1607rep39@ohiohouse.gov
40Phil Plummer614-466-8051rep40@ohiohouse.gov
41Andrea White614-466-6008rep41@ohiohouse.gov
42Tom Young614-466-6504rep42@ohiohouse.gov
43Rodney Creech614-466-2960rep43@ohiohouse.gov
44Paula Hicks-Hudson614-466-1401rep44@ohiohouse.gov
45Lisa Sobecki614-466-6017rep45@ohiohouse.gov
46Michael Sheehy614-466-1418rep46@ohiohouse.gov
47Derek Merrin614-466-1731rep47@ohiohouse.gov
48Scott Oelslager614-752-2438rep48@ohiohouse.gov
49Thomas West614-466-8030rep49@ohiohouse.gov
50Reggie Stoltzfus614-466-9078rep50@ohiohouse.gov
51Sara Carruthers614-644-6721rep51@ohiohouse.gov
52Jennifer Gross614-466-8550rep52@ohiohouse.gov
53Thomas Hall614-644-5094rep53@ohiohouse.gov
54Paul Zeltwanger614-644-6027rep54@ohiohouse.gov
55Gayle Manning614-644-5076rep55@ohiohouse.gov
56Joseph Miller614-644-5141rep56@ohiohouse.gov
57Dick Stein614-466-9628rep57@ohiohouse.gov
58Michele Leopore-Hagan614-466-9435rep58@ohiohouse.gov
59Al Cultrona614-466-6107rep59@ohiohouse.gov
60Daniel Troy614-466-7251rep60@ohiohouse.gov
61Jamie Callender614-644-6074rep61@ohiohouse.gov
62Scott Lipps614-644-6023rep62@ohiohouse.gov
63Mike Loychik614-466-3488rep63@ohiohouse.gov
64Michael O’Brien614-466-5358rep64@ohiohouse.gov
65Jean Schmidt614-466-8134rep65@ohiohouse.gov
66Adam Bird614-644-6034rep66@ohiohouse.gov
67Kris Jordan614-644-6711rep67@ohiohouse.gov
68Shawn Stevens614-466-1431rep68@ohiohouse.gov
69Sharon Ray614-466-8140rep69@ohiohouse.gov
70Darrell Kick614-466-2994rep70@ohiohouse.gov
71Mark Fraizer614-466-1482rep71@ohiohouse.gov
72Kevin Miller614-466-2500rep72@ohiohouse.gov
73Brian Lampton614-644-6020rep73@ohiohouse.gov
74Bill Dean614-466-1470rep74@ohiohouse.gov
75Gail Pavliga614-466-2004rep75@ohiohouse.gov
76Diane Grendell614-644-5088rep76@ohiohouse.gov
77Jeff LaRe614-466-8100rep77@ohiohouse.gov
78Brian Stewart614-466-1464rep78@ohiohouse.gov
79Kyle Koehler614-466-2038rep79@ohiohouse.gov
80Jena Powell614-466-8114rep80@ohiohouse.gov
81James Hoops614-466-3760rep81@ohiohouse.gov
82James Riedel614-644-5091rep82@ohiohouse.gov
83Jon Cross614-466-3819rep83@ohiohouse.gov
84Susan Manchester614-466-6344rep84@ohiohouse.gov
85Nino Vitale614-466-1507rep85@ohiohouse.gov
86Tracy Richardson614-466-8147rep86@ohiohouse.gov
87Riordan McClain614-644-6265rep87@ohiohouse.gov
88Gary Click614-466-1374rep88@ohiohouse.gov
89D.J. Swearingen614-644-6011rep89@ohiohouse.gov
90Brian Baldridge614-466-2124rep90@ohiohouse.gov
91Shane Wilkin614-466-3506rep91@ohiohouse.gov
92Mark Johnson614-644-7928rep92@ohiohouse.gov
93Jason Stephens614-466-1366rep93@ohiohouse.gov
94Jay Edwards614-466-2158rep94@ohiohouse.gov
95Don Jones614-644-8728rep95@ohiohouse.gov
96Ron Ferguson614-466-3735rep96@ohiohouse.gov
97Adam Holmes614-644-6014rep97@ohiohouse.gov
98Brett Hillyer614-466-8035rep98@ohiohouse.gov
99Sarah Fowler614-466-1405rep99@ohiohouse.gov

Ohio State Senators

1Rob McColley614-466-8150
2Theresa Gavarone614-466-8060
3Tina Maharath614-466-8064
4George Lang614-466-8072
5Stephen Huffman614-466-6247
6Niraj Antani614-466-4538
7Steve Wilson614-466-9737
8Louis Blessing614-466-8068
9Cecil Thomas614-466-5980
10Bob Hackett614-466-3780
11Teresa Fedor614-466-5204
12Matt Huffman614-466-7584
13Nathan Manning614-644-7613
14Terry Johnson614-466-8082
15Hearcel Craig614-466-5131
16Stephanie Kunze614-466-5981
17Bob Peterson614-466-8156
18Jerry Cirino614-644-7718
19Andrew Brenner614-466-8086
20Tim Schaffer614-466-8076
21Sandra Williams614-466-4857
22Mark Romanchuk614-466-7505
23Nickie Antonio614-466-5123
24Matt Dolan614-466-8056
25Kenny Yuko614-466-4583
26Bill Reineke614-466-8049
27Kristina Roegner614-466-4823
28Vernon Sykes614-466-7041
29Kirk Schuring614-466-0626
30Frank Hoagland614-466-6508
31Jay Hottinger614-466-5838
32Sandra O-Brien614-466-7182
33Michael Rulli614-466-8285