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United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio (UUOhio)
Representing Ukrainian Organizations in Ohio for 96 Years


Dear Friends and Members of the Ukrainian-American Community,

Since 1928, United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio (UUOhio) has been a non-partisan, coordinating umbrella organization for our community. We are not affiliated with any party. We do not endorse particular candidates. However, we are politically engaged in maintaining contacts with elected representatives as well as government officials to promote the interests of our community. This engagement includes meetings, education, invitations for elected representatives to attend our functions as well as to clarify their positions on matters particularly important to the Ukrainian-American community. Accordingly, we share this information with you.

We are focused on races in districts with a significant number of Ukrainian-American voters. It is our policy to share only information about or by candidates, that is publicly available. Positions on Russia’s war against Ukraine vary dramatically. We are providing this information to assist you in deciding who best represents the interests of greatest importance to you in the Ohio Election on March 19, 2024. In addition, information regarding voter registration and voting procedures is also set forth below.


The main competitive statewide race will be the Republican primary for Senator. The primary, held on March 19, 2024, will determine the Republican candidate who will run in November 2024 against the current incumbent senator Sherrod Brown. There will not be a Democratic primary in March 2024 because Senator Sherrod Brown is running unopposed.

Ohio holds an open primary. That means that any registered voter, Irrespective of his/her party registration can choose to vote in the Republican primary.

Below, please find a chart summarizing Ukraine related information and meetings for each of the three Republican candidates and a sampling of the statements that each candidate has made publicly regarding Ukraine.

CANDIDATE SUMMARY – as of March 3, 2024

Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Sherrod Brown

Matt DolanFrank LaRoseBernie Moreno
Contacted UUOhioYESNOYES
Attended our community functions in the last 2 yearsYESNONO
Supports more sanctions against RussiaYES?NO
Supports the current Emergency Spending Bill including military and
economic aid for Ukraine
Supports continuing economic assistance for UkraineYES?NO
Supports refugees from UkraineYES??
Speeches in support of UkraineYESNO
“?” unclear


Matt Dolan
stopping Russia in Ukraine is in vital interest to America’s national security. Vladimir Putin is hellbent on delegitimizing NATO and reversing the causes of freedom and self-determination established by Western democracy. Allowing Russia to establish a sustained foothold inside Ukraine would effectively forfeit the nation’s strategic industry and agriculture, impacting international food and energy prices, and even exacerbating the migrant crisis throughout the West. It would also invite a larger war across Europe that would drag in U.S. forces and ruin our deterrence in Asia and the Middle East.
For nearly a decade, the Cleveland Maidan Association has worked to collect, pack and send critical medical and humanitarian aid to Ukrainian hospitals and refugee camps. I was proud to join the ranks of their dedicated local volunteers this morning in Warrensville Heights.
Alexei Navalny inspired young Russians to imagine a country that is governed by the rule of law and where the ordinary citizen has a voice. That’s why Vladimir Putin was afraid of him. Navalny’s death is a reminder that Putin’s cruelty and efforts to stifle know no bounds. American must remain clear-eyed about Putin’s ambitions in Ukraine and beyond.Candidate debate of 02/19/24
Putin in Ukraine is a threat to us. I don’t want Putin to have control of the world’s wheat at 25% of the world’s wheat. I don’t want Putin to have control of the lithium that Ukraine has… This is a matter of American security because I don’t want Ohio boys and girls – I have two nephews now in the armed services today – I don’t want them to go to Poland or the Baltics and have to fight Putin if we roll over and withdraw from Ukraine.”

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Frank LaRose
 In the media
LaRose’s position on Ukraine is that the U.S. needs to secure its southern border — an elusive problem for decades of American politicians — before it then can give more money to Ukraine.

Candidate debate of 02/19/24
Biden has projected nothing but weakness, from the shambolic withdrawal from Afghanistan to the absolute invasion he’s allowing to occur on the southern border to the way that he’s handled Ukraine and the way that he’s now handled mishandling the situation in Israel.

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Bernie Moreno
Instead of sending billions more to Ukraine, we should be focused on closing our own border. I stand with my friend @JDVance1 against this Ukraine First funding bill. It’s time for DC Republicans to stop selling out the American people and begin putting our own country FIRST!

In the media
We have to stop funding endless wars. We’ve given Ukraine $100 billion and what’s happened? Russia has gotten stronger and gotten wealthier,” Moreno said.–moreno–vance–town–hall-
Moreno and Vance discussed their similar policy ideals. They want to combat illicit sales of drugs, protect the southern border, and bring forth low taxation. They’re both against sending more aid to Ukraine

Candidate debate of 02/19/24
We should absolutely not give any more money to fight a stalemate that is killing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. We are not in the business to fund more endless wars,… This country should not be funding wars that don’t have a clear path to victory, that aren’t in our interest, and that have a situation where all you’re going to do is encourage more bloodshed.

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Only registered voters can vote.  To determine if you are registered, check the website
Those who have never voted or who have not cast a ballot in more than 6 years must register at least 30 days in advance of a given election.  The deadline for voter registration for the March, 19, 2024 election was on February 20, 2024.
This must be received by the County Board of Elections a minimum of 7 days before the election, that is by March 12, 2024.


Polling Location – Ohio Secretary of State


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